Brenda Blair Bio

Brenda is an accomplished executive director and leader with a proven track record in guiding and managing not-for-profit organizations. Specializing in building relationships at every level of the organization, Brenda has provided leadership in industries ranging from continuing education to youth mentoring to museums. Brenda has a proven record of engaging stakeholders, working collaboratively with boards, staff and volunteers as well as actively representing not-for-profit organizations in public.

Brenda’s leadership style is very positive, drawing out the best in her team and herself.  Confident and expressive, Brenda’s ability to convey her organization’s vision in practical, tangible terms is critical to creating an environment where all stakeholders have solid buy-in.  Creative energy infuses all of Brenda’s efforts in a way that brings life to the day-to-day operations of the organization.  An example of this is, Brenda’s engaging and innovative communications style, expressed in creative newsletters to members, presentations to boards, media interviews or engaging story-centered talks to the public.

Brenda’s experience covers every aspect of the non-profit organization, whether as a volunteer on the front lines or as a staff member or as the executive director or as a board member.  Brenda has seen and overcome the challenges of all these roles.  Respect for others, no matter what their role, comes naturally to Brenda as she continually seeks to ensure that staff, board members, volunteers, clients and the general public get the most out of their experiences interacting with the organization.

Brenda’s ability to create a clear vision and direction combined with genuine drive towards fulfilling a mandate that will create tangible, positive results for Cafewall’s clients.