Cafewall Solutions Inc, provides process improvement and management consulting services for businesses eager to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in:

  • Project management
  • Operations Management
  • Quantitative measurement and management (Lean Six Sigma)
  • Identfying and building business partnerships
  • Software and systems engineering

Cafewall Solutions is pleased to be able to provide consulting services to a wide range of organizations. We have experience working with or for businesses ranging in size from large systems engineering firms to small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Whatever needs you may have in your business where streamlining your processes would bring an immediate positive return to your bottom line, Cafewall Solutions can help. Our services include:

  • Analysis of existing processes
  • Recommending pragmatic improvements to business processes
  • Coaching and mentoring your team as new processes are adopted
  • Measuring actual improvements quantitatively
  • Supporting structured assessments of process performance such as:
    • CMMI assessments (up to Level 5)
    • ISO 9001